Grab Your Capo and Learn the Intro to Hotel California

If you are an Eagles fan, or even if you are not, you will probably know the song Hotel California. This is one of the iconic songs from the Eagles. It is also a prime example where the capo was used not only to put the song in range for the singer to sing but also gives the song a “ring” to it that it might not have had in the lowest register.

The guitarist is Don Felder who obviously has no issues playing a guitar. often people who use capos are looked down upon as not having skills. That could not be further from the truth here. The singer for the song was Don Henley. The idea was simply to match the pitch of the song to Don Henley’s voice.  Turned out great didn’t it?  Frankly he is one of my favorite singers.

When you marry a great song, great guitarist and great singers you end up with an amazing final product. Here is some footage from a live version

You can read the entire story and see Don show how to play it over on Guitar World.  It is a nice read with some great videos.

Guitar Accessories – The Big Dog Guitar Way

I decided to create a video to explain more about BigDogGuitar and how it got created. So I have added it here.

The story is about the fact that I am a design engineer who is interested in guitar and recording studios. I have lots of manufacturing experience.

Watch the video and learn how Big Dog Guitar came to create a line of guitar accessories.

The Beginning

Why Now?

After years of seeing overpriced or under quality guitar accessories, I have FINALLY decided to create a brand of guitar accessory products around the Big Dog Guitar brand.  This was not a decision I took lightly because this is a time consuming, expensive task that takes an extreme commitment.  But in 2014 I reached that decision and began the process.

Why Me?

I have a lot of reasons why I am qualified to do this.

  • I have been playing guitar for around 47 years give or take.
  • I have played in numerous bands, all of which were famous in my own mind. 🙂
  • I am trained as an electrical design engineer with experience in high volume manufacturing as well as importing from China.
  • I LOVE guitar, home recording, and music in general.

So It Began

Gold Guitar Capo

BDG-Capo1G Gold Guitar Capo

In late 2014 we introduced a professional quality gold capo.  The BDG-Capo1G was followed by a 100 picks in 3 colors and thicknesses in a handy gift box.  Now in early 2015 we are introducing a tungsten (black) capo.  This, also is a pro grade capo that is a joy to use.

I have researched numerous manufacturers to get the quality and performance I wanted our brand to represent.  As a previously performing musician I know about failures on stage…I mean equipment failures! Hehe…

Just a simple power cord can take out a guitar amp or other critical point of failure. (Don’t ask)  So it is important to me that Big Dog Guitar provides top quality merchandise.

I don’t want this to sound wrong but when I was searching for the capo supplier I chose the most EXPENSIVE supplier, not the least expensive.  The goal wasn’t to offer discount junk.  There is plenty of that out there already. Once I determined it was superior to the others the choice was made.

Why Premium Instead of Discount?

Box of 100 quality  picks!

BDG-PVB100 Box of 100 quality picks!

I have seen capos sell for $0.48 plus shipping.  REALLY?  Do you want your sound to depend a 48 cent capo?  REALLY?  I know I wouldn’t.  That POJ was nylon.  Born to die under load.

I was given a gift of a well known capo that had replacement parts available for it.  While I appreciate that they are available, I don’t like the idea that they are NEEDED.  So I didn’t want that for my capo design either.

You can see where I am going.  When you are on stage or in the recording studio you want something that is beautiful and bullet proof.  That is what I would like all of our products to be.

But Isn’t Premium Expensive?

Tungsten Capo

BDG-Capo1T Tungsten Capo

No it doesn’t have to be.  I use my sourcing skills to find the best quality for the money.  Sure I could make a custom, titanium, “Made in America” product in a handmade mahogany box. But you would get little more value and pay exponentially more money.

Since I know that everyone has a budget I try to maintain a balance high quality and low price.  This does mean that most of my products will be sourced overseas.

As someone who worked in an American factory making consumer electronics I don’t like this trend.  But facts are facts.  We vote with our wallets.  People are not willing to pay double or triple for the “Made in America” products. Sad but true.  Find someone with a TV that was made in America in their front room.

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  I want you to get a great value.  Frankly I could sell a lot more products that were cheapo.  But then when the product failed you wouldn’t be happy.  Then I wouldn’t be happy.

So join me on my journey as I try to help guitarists everywhere become one of the “Big Dogs”.

Hopefully you find products you love.  Let me know if you can’t find the products you need and I will see what I can do.

I already have hundreds of satisfied customers.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

You can purchase our fine products here on this website.  You can also find our products available on HERE.