The BDG-Capo1G comes with 10 free premium picks!

Golden Metal Guitar Capo, Stays in Tune, for Acoustic & Electric 6 String Guitar with 10 Bonus Picks.

This makes a GREAT gift!!!

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We only sell and ship to the continental US at this time.

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Get Rid of Capos That Break or Ones That Go Out of Tune Once and For All!

• Beautiful Premium Gold Bullet Proof Capo with Lifetime Replacement Warranty
• “Never Die” Steel Spring Holds Strings Tight So You Stay in Tune
• Quick and Easy One Handed Key Changes
• 10 Bonus BigDogGuitar Branded Celluloid Picks
• Secret Bonuses on Insert Inside

Have you tried playing with a singer and need to play in a different key quickly? Probably so. If you have a great capo key changes are easy. But if you bought a cheap capo you probably found that you can’t stay in tune and the capo falls apart after a month or so.

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Our premium capo is high quality, beautiful and it doesn’t have problems staying in tune like those cheap capos. Listen, you work hard enough to sound great. You don’t need a cheap capo making you sound bad.

Our professional grade capo is made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy. It is hyper-polished to a super slick finish and electroplated with a beautiful gold finish. Of course it is not real gold but it sure looks like it. Don’t be surprised when someone asks.

• Never have to buy another capo again with our lifetime replacement warranty
• Get compliments on the beautiful, smooth. Hyper-polished gold finish
• Smooth gentle curved design aircraft quality aluminum alloy body
• Easy to move with one hand yet stays in tune with proper spring tension
• Won’t mar your guitar’s finish because we use silicon pads with just right durometer
• No complicated tension adjustments

We didn’t design this capo to be the least expensive. Our goal was to make a premium capo, not a cheapo capo. We think you will notice the difference right away. If you need a cheap disposable capo then sorry, you will have to look somewhere else.

When you purchase your BigDogGuitar BDG-Capo1G today here is what you get.

• Premium Gold Bullet Proof Capo with lifetime replacement warranty
• 10 Bonus BigDogGuitar picks
• Fancy velveteen padded display box
• Secret Bonus Inside – You get VIP access to a password protected membership site loaded with goodies.

Get our premium capo while our limited time bonuses are available. Pick up one for each guitar you own. You’ll be glad you did.

Christmas is coming!

$21.95 plus $3.95 shipping

We only sell and ship to the continental US at this time.

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