Box of 100 Picks

Box of 100 Picks


Guitar Picks – Gift Storage Box – Travel Case of 100 – Heavy, Medium & Thin – Beautiful Celluloid Picks in 3 Colors for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars – Hot New Plectrum Design

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Guitar Picks – Gift Box of 100

  • ATTRACTIVE GIFT BOX WITH 100 GUITAR PICKS – This sturdy storage box can hold more than 100 picks. It is a convenient way to have a great selection of picks when you need them.
  • BEAUTIFUL CELLULOID GUITAR PICKS HAVE GREAT FEEL AND TONE – These guitar picks are made with top quality material and are resistant to wear and damage.
  • PRE-LOADED WITH HEAVY, MEDIUM AND THIN PICKS – With 100 total picks we ship the 3 most popular sizes that can be used for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, & uke
  • RED, GREEN AND BLUE VIBRANT COLORS – The colors are rich and stunning. These colors work well for men and women.
  • COOL DESIGN – Get onboard with the latest and greatest. Decorated with the “HOT” BigDogGuitar Logo

Give yourself (or someone else) the gift of the BDG-PVB100 variety box of 100 guitar picks.  You won’t run out for awhile for sure.  These beautiful guitar picks come in red, green and blue in heavy, medium & thin thickness.  Some songs or guitars may feel better with a thin pick.  Some shredders just must have the heavy picks.  The medium is a good compromise for all occasions.

This pocket size flower shaped box makes a great Christmas gift, birthday gift or gift for any occasion really.  The picks are delivered to you in an attractive divided clear gift box that keeps your picks separated by thickness.

You will have enough picks to last so you won’t mind it so much when you lose your favorite pick.  You can give them to your friends.

These celluloid picks have that pearl shimmer that you see on some guitar pick guards or drum sets.  It is a truly classic style.  The colors are vivid and bright.

The BigDogGuitar logo is a popular design as well.  Show  all your friends you can run with the big dogs!

And remember… “You sound better with BigDogGuitar™.”

$23.95 plus 3.95 shipping
Now in Stock!

Sorry we only sell and ship to the continental US at this time.

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