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Grab Your Capo and Learn the Intro to Hotel California

If you are an Eagles fan, or even if you are not, you will probably know the song Hotel California. This is one of the iconic songs from the Eagles. It is also a prime example where the capo was used not only to put the song in range for the singer to sing but also gives the song a “ring” to it that it might not have had in the lowest register.

The guitarist is Don Felder who obviously has no issues playing a guitar. often people who use capos are looked down upon as not having skills. That could not be further from the truth here. The singer for the song was Don Henley. The idea was simply to match the pitch of the song to Don Henley’s voice.  Turned out great didn’t it?  Frankly he is one of my favorite singers.

When you marry a great song, great guitarist and great singers you end up with an amazing final product. Here is some footage from a live version

You can read the entire story and see Don show how to play it over on Guitar World.  It is a nice read with some great videos.